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TULSA, OKLAHOMA, February 22, 2011 –, the popular online website that
provides the latest articles, news, reviews and recommendations has named our iPhone/iPad
game Fun With Death as one of “Five iPhone physics puzzlers to topple Angry Birds from its
perch.” In their “appolicious advisor” column, Phil Hornshaw said of our physics puzzler: “In
some ways, Fun With Death is a better game than Angry Birds. It requires more strategic
thinking than its counterpart, because instead of just knocking down a building and squashing
the enemies inside, Fun With Death requires you to avoid squashing some of the people inside
the structure, while still getting rid of others. As Death, your goal is to clear out the Underworld-
bound red souls while protecting the blue souls heading for Heaven, across 60 levels. You do
that by flinging demons toward piles of different materials with the souls on them, as well as
by placing different objects around the levels in order to help flying demons avoid some souls
while targeting others. Fun With Death is a great outgrowth of the Angry Birds formula, adding
complexity while maintaining the same fun that the game’s more popular counterpart is capable
of producing” (

The game takes place in three unique settings (Heaven, Earth and the Underworld) and spans
60 levels of intense, Rube Goldberg-like mayhem. Rather than relying solely on sling shotting
objects into structures, gamers must customize levels by placing objects into them before their
throws. This adds a distinct strategic wrinkle not found in competitive apps. Success depends
on experimentation, timing and precision. The game is available on iPhone and iPad and the
team is busy preparing our latest update, which will be available in the next two weeks. Thanks
to everyone for their support.

About Tornado Studios
Tornado Studios is an independent developer of AAA video games focused on creating cutting
edge interactive family-based entertainment products. Founded in 2008 by Tom Kudirka,
Tornado Studios was spun off from 2015, Inc., creator of the award winning Medal of Honor:
Allied Assault. The Company is comprised of industry veterans and was formed to develop high
quality video games for the mass market.

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